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I just thought Season 3 was one of the most darkest seasons in all of Star Trek and that includes DS9. It just didn't feel like Star Trek to me, but upon rewatch, I think I left my expectations at the door and it did get better.
I liked the grittiness of it... but I'm also glad that it lightened back up again. It felt right during that arc that nothing was rainbows and lollipops but it was also good that it had an end and chasing the Xindi didn't become the end-all-be-all of the series
I have just finished season 3 of ENT after only watching a few episodes on season 1 disc 1 on Netflix.
I read here that season 3 & 4 were much better so I just jumped to season 3.
I did enjoy it and dicussed it in these threads which I started since most on this subforum had seen them years ago.
'Azati Prime' #318 - great cinematic action camerawork and feel.
'Similitude' first time viewing
'North Star' first time viewing
'Anomaly' Ep.#302

It was really a great season. The only thing I really did not like was during the last episode the alien wearing a Nazi uniform. Television has so overplayed Nazi's in so many series in the last 20 years that it felt so out of place here on ENT.
I plan on eventually seeing season 1 & 2 in HD on Blu-ray or on the new streaming in HD episodes.
As some of you already know I'm a big supporter of high definition and Trek being viewed in higher resolution if possible. I started a thread for a wishlist since if it happens for Blu-ray we could get more things like commentaries:
Star Trek: Enterprise seasons Blu-ray spec. features wishlist
I don't plan on buying Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series on DVD- at the $207. [new] current price at but on Blu-ray so I'm not double dipping for a series I'll probably watch a few times.
Overall ENT had great production values and this is coming from someone who watched all 7 seasons of VOY on initial broadcast and really got used to expecting the production values of late 90s-2000 era. ENT just took it to the next level with widescreen HD. Some episodes in season 3 had cinema quality visual effects and blew me away on a few episodes while watching in standard definition..

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