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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #2: Fathers Day

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And a Special Award for Starting a Good Amount of Speculation, our winner is:

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Ezri: Hi, Mr. Sisko--I'm with the Census!

Now...let's try this out....

Sisko: You sure look like a man on a mission!

Jake: DAD--I'm packing my press set--Camcorder, mike--everything! I just got the BEST story ready. I have an interview--and I CAN'T BE LATE!!!

Sisko: Who's the unlucky celebrity this time?

Jake: Paris Hilton.

(Molly runs in)

O'Brien: Uh, Molly? I thought we said not to come i--

Molly: already know who Mommy's daddy is!

O'Brien: Uh...yes?

Molly: So why ask her, silly?

Keiko: You know...she's gotta point.

O'Brien: Oh, knock it off....

Worf: This is a mighty weapon, with many uses, my son. use it wisely.

Alexander: (taking the knife) I will, father. And the first blood it shall see...will be of those Trekkies who dared to call me "annoying" and "useless"! At last...they shall pay for their insolense!

Worf: (aside) I'm going to regret giving him that....
"I have been wounded but not yet slain. I shall lie here and bleed awhile. Then I shall rise and fight again."

"Forget it,'s Chinatown."
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