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Re: 'Covert Affairs' spy drama on USA with Piper Perabo

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Defending her character’s lack of the use of firearms, “Jason Bourne doesn’t use a gun, but it makes him a smarter character.”
I like this. Maybe I'm getting old but I've rather stopped enjoying spy shows that seem to be nothing more than excuses for showing people killing each other. The best spy show ever made for TV was Danger Man (aka Secret Agent). Except for a couple of rare occasions, John Drake never carried a gun and killed people only when given no choice. What I liked about Alias' first season was that Sydney was the same way -- you saw her beating the crap out of people but she never resorted to using the gun until the second season and the character lost much of her appeal. I fully expect we'll still see a high body count on this show but I like the fact they're at least starting things off on a "different" footing with Piper's character.

Jason Bourne knows 101 ways to kill a guy with his bare hands. Does Piper's character have that option?

I have all the "fantasy-based CIA" story I want from Chuck. I'd like to see Covert Affairs take a more real-world approach. I have a hard time believing that the CIA lets their junior agents decide whether to carry firearms. That sounds like a tremendous waste of my tax dollars when a well trained, valuable agent gets offed because they weren't packing, and I want to know where to lodge a complaint.
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