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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

Just watched it. Overall I liked it, but had a few issues with the Silurians/Homo Reptilia:

1. I don't like the more human look. It makes it too easy for the viewer to empathize with them. If it's more of a struggle to connect with an "alien," there's a bigger payoff. Think about D84 in "Robots of Death" (I still get choked up at his death scene) or the Horta from TOS "Devil in the Dark" ("No Kill I"). The faces were just too human for my liking.

2. The Silurian warrior woman seemed to do I say this delicately...a rack. Why would reptiles have breasts? They're not mammals, after all.

3. Related to this, the Silurians in general were blathering on about "apes" a lot, and even talked about hunting them. I'm a little unclear of exactly when they took the Big Sleep, but wasn't it before apes emerged? Wouldn't they just have been chasing shrews or lemurs around?

That's just the cranky nitpicky stuff. Altogether it made for an enjoyable 42 minutes o TV. I'm really impressed with Matt Smith so far--I absolutely buy him as "the Doctor."
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