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Re: 'Covert Affairs' spy drama on USA with Piper Perabo

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I've rather stopped enjoying spy shows that seem to be nothing more than excuses for showing people killing each other.
Yes while action is good, and character development is important in a TV series, the suspense, gadgets, and non-violence is important for spies.

I wonder how ABC Family will deal with violence in the Harvard program training new spies show in development 'Shadows' since that channel generally offers programming for older teens, and young adults.?

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I fully expect we'll still see a high body count on this show
Yes TV14 ratings surely...
It's on USA Network home of the covert-operations spy series Burn Notice (just renewed for 5th and 6th season). Since it is a first-person narrative (including frequent voice-overs providing exposition) from the viewpoint of covert-operations agent perhaps USA Network wanted a 3rd person viewpoint on a spy series without retooling Burn Notice and alienating fans?
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