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'Covert Affairs' spy drama on USA with Piper Perabo

July 13 Tuesday premiere with 90 minute pilot.
10PM E.S.T./9C.
(All times E.S.T.)
The pilot repeats at 115AM Wed 7/14, 10AM Sat. 7/17, 1130AM Sat 7/17, 11PM Sat. 7/17, 10AM Sun 7/18

all the info from the ABC to bring back the early 2000's thread.
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"Covert Affairs" (2010) (TV series)
‘Covert Affairs,’ which received an 11-episode order
Tim Matheson directed the 90 minute pilot
There is a 1 minute trailer here:
Covert Affairs Trailer
30 second 2nd trailer
Covert Affairs Trailer 2
It looks like Alias-lite. And I mean that as a compliment. The trailer doesn’t look quite as serious and complicated as Alias, but it’s not as comedic and silly as Chuck can sometimes be either. Take Alias before it got lost in the impenetrable Rambaldi mythology, add some characters approved, breezy humor and you’ve got what appears to be a happy medium. Perabo even bares a slight resemblance to Jennifer Garner in her early Sydney Bristow years with her square jaw, pouty lips and all-American girl looks.
USA Network's 'Covert Affairs' trailer: I'm in
Doug Liman has promised a “heightened reality” for the series, and there is an attempt to mimic the real world. For example, on the DCS set, there are no trash cans or recycling boxes–they use “burn bags.” The writing style of the series is intended to be “A” plot and “B” plot, with at least one self-contained story.
Defending her character’s lack of the use of firearms, “Jason Bourne doesn’t use a gun, but it makes him a smarter character.” Martial arts styles used in the series include Krav Maga (employed by Israeli Defence Force) and Wing Chun. During the interview, she informed people that the writers were “working on the season finale this morning.” Her character speaks six languages and she uses seveal in the series, including Portuguese (the actress is of Portuguese heritage).
USA Network Enlists ‘Covert Affairs’ This July

The show's website:

Other new spy series that are the competition this year:
Undercovers = NBC (Autumn premiere)
Nikita = CW (Autumn premiere)
Chaos = CBS mid-season?
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