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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

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I think in the Star Trek Universe, most humanoid species are compatible. Some more than others, some less. I think real difficulties occur between humanoid and non-humanoid species (like the Horta, Species 8472, and other life-forms that aren't even remotely humanoid in shape or genetic structure (say, non carbon-based).
Dude, you're speaking about a subject you obviously know absolutely nothing about.
"Dude," don't talk to me like you're some kind of authority on the subject because you ain't. In fact, it shows how you missed a very simple concept: This. Is. Star Trek. To break that down for you, that does not mean the real world, but it does mean the world as according to Star Trek, where many incredible things are possible.
If you have no problem with impossible creatures on Star Trek, that's fine but don't try to argue that they are actually believable.
If you had actually read my post instead of just locking on something to argue about, you would have realized that I specifically said, "In The Star Trek Universe..." Nothing I said implied I was talking about anything other than the purely fictional beings such as Vulcans, Andorians, etc. (do you know where there are real aliens? Do you know their biology and compatibility level with Humans?) I really thought that was kind of obvious and didn't need to be explained.

Hybrids are flat-out impossible outside of being genetically engineered and grown in a lab. That is not an opinion.
Of course it is an opinion. It's nothing but an opinion, because all the aliens in Star Trek are make believe. There's no way of knowing what is and isn't possible unless it's actually said so onscreen. Otherwise, don't confuse the real world with Star Trek.
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