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Re: The Phantom Is Back!

The guy they cast in the lead was good, anyway. But I fastforwarded thru the first 40 minutes (which is how long it took to get to the frakkin' story!), paid attention to the Skull Island stuff (pretty cool) and then lost interest again when the interminable and dull training scenes started. Couldn't even whomp up the motivation to ff to the end and see the kid kick the cartoon villains' asses. Delete, delete.

Since I saw maybe half an hour of this thing total, I might have missed the part where they explain why the Phantom must be embodied by a member of the Walker family, and why they couldn't just start auditioning likely prospects from the general population. Genetics? Ancient spell cast by a witch doctor?

Looked like a very standard comic book/superhero approach. At this point, isn't everyone completely sick of such standard stuff? At least come up with interesting villains who have a shred of credibility. Or have a superhero who doesn't give a shit about saving the world and just wants to make a buck. Something, anything new!
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