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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

To answer your question, We haven't seen any Andorian Hybrids, bar the offshot race encountered in the ENT season 4 arc (cannot remember the name of them), while its possible that Andorians and Vulcans are genetically compatible, it would seem unlikely given the fact that only Romulans and Humans (which are very closely related to Vulcans) are the only second race we've seen to date in Vulcan Hybrids

Elizabeth (T'Pol/Trip) - Vulcan/Human
Spock (Sarek/Amanda) - Vulcan/Human
Saavik (Unknown/Unknown) - Vulcan/Romulan (Unsure of Canon but the general assumption is that Saavik is a Vulcan/Romulan Hybrid)

To Speculate: I'd imagine that an Andorian/Vulcan hybrid would be dominant Andorian, for instance, they would have blue skin (and judging from Spock's blood) the Vulcan "Green Blood" would be dominant, they would also likely have the Andorian Antennae (but perhaps shorter) and of course the Vulcan ears, depending on the circumstances of the Hybrids upbringing, they would either be logical (a'la Spock) or similar to Shran (but perhaps more passionate since Vulcan emotions are said to be much more intense than Human and even some Klingon emotions)
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