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Re: The Search for Plot - please help me!

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Perhaps the idea with communing only with dead Vulcan minds for eternity wasn't appealing.
Although it is not explicitely stated in TSFS, my understanding of the point of the Vulcan afterlife is not to commune with other dead Vulcans, but rather to be available for prominant living Vucans to be able to meld with the deceased Vulcan's katras.

In Enterprise, it was shown that the katra of ancient vulcan leader Surak had been transfered to a katric ark upon his death. Then sometime later, to get it into hiding or otherwise protect it from destruction, Surak's katra was transfered from his ark back into into a Vulcan priest, and his katra was transfered from priest to priest for centuries until his katra was finally put back to rest in a katric ark again. So Surak's katra was not lost, and prominant Vulcans could go mind-meld with Surak to seek his wisdom.

Being a katra in a katric ark just waiting around to be melded with by the living is presumably not an uncomfortable or undesirable experience, but I guess the only way to know would be to mind-meld with one and ask them!

Yeah, so maybe Spock just didn't want his katra to be available for future Vulcans to mind-meld with him forever? At least at that time in his life, before he later resolved his human-Vulcan conflict? Perhaps he just assumed that full-Vulcans wouldn't be interested in melding with him for all time, so thought that his funeral should just be a Starfleet one to benefit his surviving friends's mourning process more than benefiting future Vulcan culture? (And then because of the possiblities of the Genesis wave Spock had a change of heart at the last minute by transfering his katra to McCoy, not to participate in the Vulcan afterlife as much as have a chance to live again?)

And maybe Sarek felt Spock should be an immortal katra after death anyway regardless of spock's wishes? That was yet another disagreement they had? And Sarek had just hoped beyond hope that Spock had gone "the Vulcan Way" of transfering his katra before death because of the possiblity of his body not being burned up by having soft-landed on Genesis? And maybe Sarek just got a little carried away with his emotions with Kirk, coming across as too critical of Kirk for leaving Spock's body on Genesis when he really didn't know if Spock had even transfered his katra to anyone anyway? Or like I said earlier, Sarek just falsely assumed that Spock had willed his body to go to Vulcan or that Kirk would follow regulations and was upset that Kirk hadn't followed that?

I think that the regenerated Spock may have later changed his mind about participating in the Vulcan afterlife (especially after retiring from Starfleet), but I will consider these motivations for Sarek, and for Spock not wanting to will his body to be returned to Vulcan and ensure his katra join the Vulcan afterlife at this time of his life, pre-TWOK...

Still, if anyone else agrees, disagrees, has another solution, etc. please offer it. Thanks.
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