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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Wow! I have been having a crapfest of a month or two (hence the delay on part II) and what a wonderful way to jump back into writing, with such a positive response to this opener! Thank you all so much for that, it really made my day. So with apologies for the overly cheerful tone here (like I said, you all made my day!):

CeJay -- Glad to see you back here for round two. Thanks for the review, and sorry if I made you feel dirty or anything like that by having compassion for the Borg.

MirandaFave -- I've answered you (at length -- bring snacks or something ) over at Ad Astra, but I'll say here, thank you so much for the awesome review. Always thorough, always 100% appreciated.

Gibraltar -- Thanks so much for reviewing. We'll see what happens with Dena. You're right, she's got the worst of all worlds right now -- the Collective seems almost merciful compared to her reality. But it's kind of the "Matrix" question, isn't it? If everything you know is a lie, but you're happy that way, would you choose to live the truth, no matter how ugly? We'll see how it plays out for her. Thanks for reading.

ares93 -- Yay, a new reader! Always nice to see! (Did you know there's a 130,000-word monster of a first part to this story? It's linked above. If you haven't read it, you might want to start with that. There are some tangled subplots we'll be revisiting in part II that might be better understood with part I under your belt.) Anyway, that's just a friendly suggestion; of course it's up to you! Either way: Welcome, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for bookmarking!

-- Yay, another new reader! I'm so glad you enjoyed the first part of this story, and doubly pleased you liked it enough to want more. I hope you continue to enjoy it! Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful review.

Capt. Sarine -- It's good to see YOU here, too! That's partly because I'm selfishly hoping for more Restoration, but also because I love that you loved this chapter. Thanks so much for the kind comments.
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