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Re: Is a Hollywood liberal conspiracy keeping 'Red Dawn' from release?

Christopher wrote: View Post
Hollywood is run by businessmen. Who are rich. And therefore mostly conservative.
With respect, Chris--I beg to differ on that. You'd be suprised how many super-rich are on the left. George Soros, for one.

And who care more about the bottom line than politics in any case, and generally won't care what message a film sends as long as it makes them richer. The whole "Hollywood run by liberals" thing is just another right-wing boogeyman.
And yet movie after movie with a left-leaning message somehow gets the Academies and Golden Globes, despite terrible showings at the box office.

Sure, there are plenty of celebrities in Hollywood who are liberal (and we've got to outgrow this childish notion that that's a bad word), but there are plenty of others who are conservative, and in either case it's a mistake to confuse celebrity with power or authority.
Not that big a mistake. Marketing and PR tend to be central elements of power.

Also, celebrities are mostly rich. By your previous argument, they must therefore be mostly conservative...?

Now...I don't think for a MOMENT that it's a conspiracy. Just a current, long-lasting, increasingly irritating trend.

The Dark Knight and The Pursuit of Happines are two great moves that indicate that it isn't any conspiracy. Hollywood's finally getting more balanced--because it realizes the box office demands it. The trend is changing.
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