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Re: Is a Hollywood liberal conspiracy keeping 'Red Dawn' from release?

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I was hoping that it was just being held back because it's a ridiculously dumb idea for a movie.

Suspension of disbelief doesn't come in to it here, unless the Chinese armed forces have access to magical wizards who can transport their troops in to the United States because their Navy certainly isn't up to the job.

You see, invading the United States would involve somehow getting past their navy - which is larger than the next thirteen navies combined - and having enough ships left afterwards to land the troops (which would have to number in the millions), equipment and supplies necessary to successfully invade a country of 260m people where civilian gun ownership is common.
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The story is asinine, the original movie sucked, and here is some news for all the conservative assholes (redundant) out there - no one, absolutely no one, is interested in invading and occupying our big mac stuffed obese gun toting chicken shit church dwelling trailer park living ignorant asses. Believe me.

QFW 100X!

Also, here's some other facts about China doing anything to America economically and militarily (based on a rebuttal of comments about America's place in the world made by Fareed Zakaria);

China's first real problem is that its government isn't all that stable. If nothing else, the current economic mess has proven that, leaked government reports and memos have shown that the government is deeply afraid that if the economic situation gets any worse they will be facing the real threat of civil war. The government doesn't really have the loyalty of the population, it has their acquiescence because it has improved the standard of living and started to create a middle class. But once that standard of living stops growing there is still the middle class who will turn to politics, and when they do...

2. The next real issue is simply that of time. Even if China managed to continue growing it's economy at a rate of 10% per year it still wouldn't reach parity with the current US economy until around 2025-2030. And that assumes that the US economy doesn't grow at all, if the US maintains it's historic rate of growth then the time frame until parity becomes 2050 or so. And realize that this is incredibly generous to China. If they manage to maintain current growth rates even another decade it would be a miracle. If you figure 6% growth per year parity with the current US isn't reached until around 2050 and parity with the US of the same time isn't reached until around 2100.

3. China's next big problem is the same as the EU's, demographics. The 1 child policy, the massive imbalance of men to women, and the pollution are all making it likely that China sees a staggering drop in population.

All of these factors, plus a navy that's complete crap, and the prospect of America stopping the buying of anything from China itself make what happens in this new version of Red Dawn highly unlikely.

If the filmmaker wanted, they should make a version of Red Dawn that's all about a Second Civil War that launched by the Red States-and call that 'Red Dawn'. That's more likely to happen then anything else.
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