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Re: Circumstantial Evidence?/Why did spock end up in alt. universe?[Me

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Still waiting for your "proof" that Abrams said he hated Star Trek.

While we're at it you can also show me where I called you a name.
Honestly, the only name you've called me is "troll". On numerous occasions. Which I do not appreciate since it was highly erroneous. Others have done worse.

As far as JJA hating Star Trek, I'll have to find the quote. He did say he hated Kirk and Spock until he got into directing and shooting the movie, then he "loved" them. I suppose he loved them after he was able to change them into what he wanted them to be. Again, don't fret, I shall find it. It may take a day or two. It was in one of the really early interviews from before the pictures even came out. So it'll take some digging.

But seriously, this thread needs to get back on topic without the movies proponents constantly derailing things. How 'bout it?
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