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Re: Circumstantial Evidence?/Why did spock end up in alt. universe?[Me

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Have they nothing better to do with their lives?

As a matter of fact, they don't. That's why they're so cranky. They find themselves stuck in limbo. Do they move forward with the franchise? They don't want to, but they've got nothing else. They understand capitalism, and they understand whining on the internet won't bring the past back, but they've got nothing else.
I'm not cranky. I actually have a pretty good attitude. I've never intentionally insulted or called anyone names or made any blatant derogatory comments toward anyone. I actually rather enjoy a good discussion, when it is civilized, that is. And I personally have plenty more than this. That's why I only visit every few days. Unlike some, I actually do have a life.

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NuTrek or find something else? It's a decision many of them just refuse to make at this time.
Huh? So NuTrek is the only thing in the world worth entertaining oneself with? I think not. I have all three seasons of TOS and TOS-R on DVD as well as all 10 Star Trek movies. Not to mention all six Star Wars movies and the original Clone Wars from Cartoon Network, Farscape, Firefly, UFO, Surface, Invasion, and many many others on DVD for my enjoyment. I also have a wife and two amazing children that are way more important in my life than any bull$tuff that goes on here. I prefer to put STXI at the very extreme bottom of my list simply because it is not Star Trek for me. That is my opinion. Like it or not. I have no problem with you putting JJA and his JJ-Trek on a pedistal. But I don't treat you like a second or third class citizen for it.

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So, do expect the frustration and unrelated-to-the-thread-topic whining to continue.
Once again, it is you and yours who are constantly posting "unrelated-to-the-thread-topic" whining on this particular thread. Read the OP's original posts. Then rethink that last sentence.

I would love nothing more than to see this thread actually get back on topic. But alas, as long as the JJ-Lovers are around to spew degradations at the rest of us, that won't happen.
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