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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP


Well, vacation starts tomorrow, officially; but, I unofficially started two days ago. So..

Wireframe shots this time round..

Ok, here's a 3/4 aft view of the interior as it is now. The observation platform kindof stands out. And it should after all the work I put into
detailing at this point. Fewer polys and more detail.. still befuddles me.

Here's a side shot showing more of the work to the observation platform. The door sections here are temps until I decide if they're actually going to work with all the geometry. And, so far, this is as close to what aired on TV as I can actually get to with the FJ plans.. So far.
I'm still tweaking and trying to do more; but to
say the show sets won't fit the deck plans is an

Here you can see the lighting systems in progress along with the support booms. Been dying to get to these; but, hadn't had a real chance till now..

.. and this, in part, is why. Or rather..

..this. The deckplans show the structural bulkheads; but, I don't think FJ knew what he was drawing about. The spine is essential and should be structurally reinforced; so, he went that far; but, how they actually fit the model is quite another thing. They don't really seem to.

The pretty lines represent structural beam work, jeffries accessway and the routing of the tie ins for the warp core and the ship's primary power grid. Methinks a trip down the road of building the structural support core is probably warranted at this point. That starts tonight.
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