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A very good point, there. That was "weird"! But maybe it was not illegal for their world?
The implication was that the way Madred was treating Picard was against some form of intergalactic law. Even Gul Lemec thought Madred was going too far at the end.
I was under the impression that torture is legal on Cardassia. Lemec seemed to be pissed off because Madred was clearly not using it to even try to get information out of Picard anymore, it had become all about the battle of wills, and he was just being sadistic and acting out his personal issues and break Picard.
Torture is definately legal on Cardassia. However, what I was trying to say was that the Federation and Cardassians had some sort of treaty which was supposed to prevent the Cardassians from torturing a Federation prisoner. At the beginning of part two, Picard tells Madred he wants the presence of a neutral third party, as per the treaty.

Since the third party never showed, we can assume everything about the affair was a treaty violation.
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