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Re: The Phantom Is Back!

I saw it, and thought it was better than I was expecting.

I agree that if the series is green-lighted, the costume has to be retooled. It looks like there is too much armor, and not a look that make the character all that heroic.

The writing was above average as was the acting. I liked the setup with how they carried over elements from the general setup of the story, yet explain that things have to change on occasion. Also, Vandy's comment on being too reliant on technology is valid. You want the hero to rely on the things that make The Phantom...The Phantom. I also liked the fact that Guran comes across as an equal, and not really a love interest. I liked Remmie, and Dr. Baboor. Remmie's cop dad was a little much at times, but that didn't bother me as much.

If this goes to series, I'll watch it - if only to support the middle ground tone-wise that SyFy should be targetting with respect to original series, counterbalancing the darkness of SGU and Caprica, and the seemingly comedy-centric tone of Eureka and W13.
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