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Re: When are we ever going to see a Supergirl flick?

Gaith wrote: View Post
^^ Okay, but most movie franchises/would-be franchises could be also called "one issue/mini-series"...

Dusty Ayres wrote: View Post
That's exactly why I mentioned Miss Robb and & Miss Fanning, because both are 16-17, blond, and fairly good actresses for their age.
Dusty, hombre, if I'm going to fork over eleven hard-earned greenbacks for a Supergirl movie, I'm going to want to feast my eyes without guilt, and I'm sure I'm not alone. So screw the comics, I say, and give us a young woman.
An attractive one, with a hot bod. I'm not familiar with Robb, but according to the pics I saw of Fanning this morning at Zodcaps, she's not in the running.
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