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Re: When are we ever going to see a Supergirl flick?

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But at the very least I'd choose a woman and not prepubescent looking little girls.
Well, she's called Supergirl for a reason. In most incarnations, she's supposed to be a teenager. So it's appropriate to consider actresses who are in the 16-18 range or can pass for it.


That's exactly why I mentioned Miss Robb and & Miss Fanning, because both are 16-17, blond, and fairly good actresses for their age. Of course, newcomers are also accepted as well....

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Adrianne Palicki played the fake Kara from Smallville's S4 finale, and could still be a very solid choice, imo...

Sorry, but as beautiful as she is, I don't want anybody from Smallville in any future Superman or Supergirl movie. It's also time for that show to finish up and be done with itself as well.

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