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Re: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 70mm

Well, I saw TWOK in 70mm. Anthony Pascale of moderated; he said it was the only 70mm print in existence, and warned us that it was faded because it was a Metrocolor print. He said that they tried to filter it, but it still looked reddish. Also, the sound was quite shrill - one of the audience members I talked to seemed to think that it was because the print was played back without proper Dolby decoding (meaning that it was unbalanced analog? - the treble was quite high).

I was able to take a video clip of the title off of my friend's digital camera, but it was an old camera so the video clip was a 160x120 MPEG clip. I converted it to XViD and did some resizing and brightness-contrast adjusting just to make it legible. (Surprisingly, this cam-rip didn't pick up the reddish tint of the image, so the color looks more "accurate"...weird.) Finally, there is a visual record of the "II"-less title screen, however crappy it may be..

And here's a still picture:

I should have just used the digital camera or even my cell phone to make a still, but oh well.

Why is it that the 70mm prints lacked the "II", while the trailers and posters had it? I'm guessing that the change was made late enough that the "II"-less version had already been shipped out to make the 70mm blowups (due to the longer lead time), and it was too late to change it for the 70mm.

I am assuming that somewhere down the line, the "II" version was cut into the 35mm negative, which is why the "II"-less version was never seen after the original theatrical run. (Can anybody recall if the no-"II" title was ever on any 35mm prints, or was it only 70mm?)

My theory would explain why even the "original theatrical" Blu-ray has the "II"; the fact that the title was changed probably never crossed Paramount's mind. Perhaps the "II"-less version of the title doesn't even exist in their vaults anymore, or was misplaced somewhere.
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