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Re: When are we ever going to see a Supergirl flick?

T J wrote: View Post
Not only do I disagree, these choices are beyond dreadful! Do I have better suggestions of my own... no, not at the moment. But at the very least I'd choose a woman and not prepubescent looking little girls.

Adrianne Palicki played the fake Kara from Smallville's S4 finale, and could still be a very solid choice, imo...

Shazam! wrote: View Post
Also, the problem with a Supergirl movie is that EVERY Supergirl origin is either ridiculously lame or diminishes Superman's 'Last son of Krypton' schtick.
A very fair point. So, why not make her a parallel universe female Kal-El? Jor-El had a daughter instead of a son, and launched her. Ergo, Supergirl, with a non-lame origin that doesn't diminish Clark's.
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