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Re: Father's Day Query

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How many human fathers do you know, that would be willing to sacrifice themselves against such hopelessly overwhelming odds.
George Kirk (2009)

How about Jarok from "The Defector?" He loved his daughter so much that he sacrificed everything to make the world better for her.

More from TNG: in "Chain of Command," you've got two fathers on either side of Picard, as it were: Captain Jellico, who takes command of the Enterprise, has his son's artwork in his ready room, so he cares about his son, and presumably is off defending the Federation to make a safer world from him.

On the other side, you've got Gul Madred, who brings his daughter into his office during the torture of Picard. Despite his cruelty, he seems to be a doting father.

I hadn't thought of that connection between Jellico and Madred before--thanks for a good question.
Thank you for such a great answer!

I am adding George Kirk, Captain Jellico, and Jarok to my list. H-m-m-m, but maybe not Gul Madred. He took "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" maybe just a little too far.
- Oh, why not. Maybe she would be the one to convince him to get into a new vocation some day! And if he loves her, as he seemed to, he could listen. Sometimes, little girls can do big miracles, if their father loves them.

(You see, the good thing about growing up without a father, is being able to adopt all the good ones you find, even if just a little.)
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