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Re: Father's Day Query

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Q i can understand. but gorn?
I must admire strong, tough, get-it-done fatherly figures.

And the Gorn, as a father, is still far better than the father that I did not have.
well you do have valid points on that one, i'll give you that. but still for me, gorn. nah...
But the Gorn was probably a fantastic father. The Federation had him out-numbered, out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and obviously out-powered intellectually. How many human fathers do you know, that would be willing to sacrifice themselves against such hopelessly overwhelming odds. Still, he was willing to lay down his life to protect his little Gornlings from the alien, Federation invasion. And from one evil Starfleet Captain, who for all he knew, may even have been thinking about stealing away their mother (You know how Kirk was about green! ). The Gorn was incredibly loyal, courageous, and brave, even on a mythically heroic scale! No doubt, stories will be told on his home world - for millennium - of his selfless gallantry facing those savage, creepy humanoids!

And - Happy Father's Day to all the Gornish Dads out there!
Your children are very, very lucky.
And, if you are lucky enough to have a dad who loves you, give him a big hug!!!
(but watch out for Gorn breath - phewie! )

Be kind to our green, scaly friends.
For a Gorn could be somebody's father.
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