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Father's Day Query

Today is Father's Day in the USA. (I wonder... is it, anyplace else?)
If you could, which Star Trek character would you choose for a father?

I would choose Q, or the Gorn.
Because, either one would be such FUN to introduce a new boyfriend to!

It could be hilarious to watch Q turn him into different things!
My boyfriend has a great sense of adventure. He says that he would "enjoy" this - so long as I would change him back, eventually - " If ", he wanted to be changed back.

However, if it was the Gorn, I could lack many opportunities for boyfriends to introduce - with me being all green and scaly, with pointy teeth, a grouchy disposition, and eating live food by swallowing it whole, etc. ... .
Though, I remember my boyfriend saying that he had, "a thing" for green women.
So, maybe he would still find me very attractive.
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