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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

Rory's death really pissed me off. He was fast becoming one of my all-time favorite companions. And his relationship with Amy was one of the few things that added depth to her character. Otherwise, she's just another random hot chick with a crush on the Doctor, like Rose or Martha. But there was something really cute about Amy/Rory. You could tell that they had a close relationship that no one else could see or understand, mostly because no one else could get past the fact that she was "out of his league." But then, I suspect Rory might end up being one of the great misunderstood, underrated companions, like Harry Sullivan.

I'm hoping that Rory's death gets "Year of Hell"-reversed. Although, honestly, it won't really matter to me unless he returns as a companion as well. (Kinda like how I thought Donna's story in "Journey's End" was appropriately heartbreaking but it still pissed me off because she was a great companion that was no longer being used.)

Beyond that, I thought it was a serviceable story. It wasn't A+ brilliant, but then, nothing this season has been except for maybe "Amy's Choice" & some of the River song stuff. Much like with a lot of David Tennant's early stories, Matt Smith is propping up this series with sheer charisma. (And while Rory was around, there was another interesting regular to carry some of the weight. Now that's gone...)
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