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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

USA's turn. Unfortunately a lackluster two parter on the whole. I'd much rather have had the Dalek WWII story as a two parter, it was much more epic and much more rushed, while this story just felt small and extremely padded for length. I like the attempt at negotiation and peace. Also, yay, Rory died! I didn't care for him. And even better his very existence was wiped from the series so that we don't have to see Amy being all sad and mopey about it! The best of two worlds!

I must say, after the initial thrill of the new season, these past few episodes have been very disappointing. Everything since the River/Angel two parter has been very average. I'm still waiting for the next great episode. I have no doubts the ending two parter will be amazing but what about the next two?
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