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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Petri Bloomqvist, in a picture for one of the "Ships of the Line" calendars, depicted the rectangle under the fantail as a hatch for two or three workbees (a notion I rather like and subsequently pinched ). As for the rest, they make a lot of sense, to me at least, as access hatches to the antimatter generators and storage pods, with the circular yellow one indicating the intermix chamber, specifically, the ejection port. The remastered version of "Operation: Annihilate!" shows it opening up like bomb bay doors, to allow orbital insertion of those ultraviolet satellites, so I've modified the internal setup slightly to allow for a couple of crewman in environmental suits booting those things out the hatch, not unlike how crewmen on AC-130's pitch flares out the side hatch during night operations.
@CRA - I might have seen the fantail hatch idea from one of the calendars - thanks for the reference.

I thought a better choice for "Operation: Annihilate" instead of the circular bottom hatch would have been using the launch rails on the flight deck. There would've been room for racks of those satellites in a staging area on the flight deck.

@Mytran - No worries It is pretty neat to see how many pieces of the puzzle do fit on the ship
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