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Re: Phoebe Cates: Genre babe of the week #21 (June 2010)

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Sticking with the 80's theme:

That was then...

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No clue who a a Maria Menudo is... but she's pretty, shows off the boobage well... and didn't seem to have anything horrifying lurking in the higher resolution pics like some women.

Maybe we should give AR07 more than three pics this year
This is now...

Yoda wrote: View Post
Well, she had a nice pair of tits like 30 years ago... so I guess she's better than Winnie Cooper, but two fails in a row, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad Aragorn will be back to picking 'em
And who says I'm back to picking them?
Heard a rumor you were gonna let the one guy with perfect taste here pick some.... ME!!!
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