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Re: Massive New Trek Lit Update in Star Trek Magazine

The novels sound interesting. I notice that many are a mish-mash of characters from the various series', and some of these crossovers (Valaris meets Vaughn? Spock meets Sisko?) sound a little pointless. We'll see.

Still nothing nuTrek related (outside those icky-sounding "romance filled" tween books) .

I'm hoping someone will get a clue and we'll get a prequel to STXII before June 2012 (a seperate novel to go with the inevitable comic miniseries - imagine how cool a Kelvin novel would have been prior to STXI!), or maybe those aborted novels currently gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere, tweaked a little to fit into the grand scheme.

I guess it comes down to the guy in charge of the Trek books and/or the people at Bad Robot having any initiative or not.
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