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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@wildstar - Thanks I do have Unity3d downloaded on my computer but just haven't had time to play with it yet. The demos are pretty cool though. When I get to a point with this model where I think it could go to Unity I'll give it a go

As to the obs windows, I've decided to "add" those two square windows to the exterior.

@Mytran - Good eyes! I couldn't place why that turbolift exit felt odd but the close-ups explain it

I'm going to opt for it to be a turbolift since there are no other episodes (AFAIK) to suggest differently. Keeping it simple

As to thinking about the red rectangle's purpose...

I originally thought about using the markings on the bottom of the engineering hull as guides for:
Circle - the M/AM reactor,
T-shape - AM fuel ejection,
Square - M/AM refueling ports,
Rectangle - extendable sensor antenna
and Red Rectangle - workbee hatch/pass-through to hangar

Some of these ideas stemmed from other blueprints and ideas I've read over the years. I had hoped that after piecing the interiors together, that they would line up with the exterior

Alas, only some align up and I discovered that the movie Enterprise also has similar markings. But upon further inspection it became apparent to me that they couldn't serve the same functions that I was thinking about and I chucked those ideas...

So, back to the red rectangle. Interestingly, it is right behind the hangar with no overlap and can be it's own compartment. I am now thinking it could be for a hatch to open and deploy emergency markers, towed sensor array, etc or an attachment point for a trailing boom with an ion pod at the end of it
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