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Re: Thinking about re-watching Voyager from start to finish.

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And shame. I think VOY Season 2 is pretty good. You know, besides that whole "Threshold" thing.
Season 2 has some excellent episodes including "Resistance", "Death Wish" and "Meld". If someone can get it for $2 well more power to them!
There are some winners in season two and I loved how it ended, but overall, I thought it was pretty bland. I loved it initially, but I didn't feel it held up in the long run.

And season three...

This isn't a bashing thread, after all. I consider seasons two and three to be the low points, but the show really picks up starting in season four all the way to the end.

However in retrospect, I do like season 2 & 3 for the character development of Tuvok, Be'Lanna and the Doc.
I don't think I would have appreciated those characters as much in the later years if it wasn't for s2&3.
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