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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

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Anyway, I've been neglecting Enterprise for quite a long time. Heck, there were weeks where I thought there was still four series instead of 5 and Enterprise was the odd man out. What sucks is for the most part I liked Enterprise. It angered me with the whole Darkness thing in Season 3, but upon rewatch, it wasn't all that bad. Season 4 was one I didn't watch until later because of that anger, and I think I liked season 3 better. It's one thing to respect the original, but Season 4 was kissing the original's ass left and right. Don't get me wrong, I liked the season for the most part, but really, did we really need to know why the Kingons didn't get ridges or the reason for Section 31. Can't things in Trek be left to the imagination or as a mystery.
What "Darkness thing"?

And yeah, we needed to know about the ridges. We needed to know about it ever since Trials and Tribbleations when Worf told us that there was an answer to it that existed in universe as opposed to "60's low budget". I thought it was a great answer myself.

As to Regeneration.. yeah that was full of goodness. Never once was the word "borg" uttered

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I'm getting negative, and I don't want to do that. The truth is, I've been thinking about Enterprise this week and that it was time to revisit it. I had not really seen it since it went off the air, but I did like it. Now that I just found out has the series, and I have season 4, I can do a rewatch online. I want to gain a new appreciation for it and officially welcome it to the Star Trek family. It's been neglected long enough. Time to see if I like it more now and if, several years later, it's improved a lot, like DS9. I'm thinking about doing a rewatch thread, since I did it with Babylon 5 and it was successful, and hopefully I like it more now than I did before.
I thought it was boring as all crap when I first started watching it. Now it's my dearly beloved. Rewatching can be awesome. I hope you DO like it (personally I think the fourth season is the strongest). I hope you do a thread, we don't have any start from the beginning threads atm on the ENT forum. I just finished my 4th rewatch from the beginning with ENT (and am currently in my first watch of Bab 5).

So welcome to this forum! It's a great forum IMHO! I hope to see you posting your Broken Bow observation soon

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