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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Maybe the observation deck windows are normally behind shutters? In any case, it's the side of the ship we never see, so anything is possible!

Seeing as you're back on the shuttlebay blssdwlf, I may as well mention this oddity I spotted in Battlefield - the turbolift isn't a a turbolift!

Let me explain:

Kirk and Spock board the turbolift on the bridge - the carpet is green. They exit - it's blue! Also, the wall is far thicker than it should be for a turbolift. Something strange certainly happened on route from the bridge!

Of course, the production crew simply glued a "Turbolift 2" label above the briefing room door and hoped nobody would notice . So as I see it, there's two options:

1) Ignore it as a production error/shortcut
2) Interpret it to mean that Kirk exits from a turbolift lobby rather than the lift itself. Perhaps a sort of additional safety feature, in the case of decompression?

Since these are your ship plans, I'm not going to advocate one over the other - either can work, depending on how literally you interpret what's on screen!

Having said all that, I think your positioning of the Battlefield corridor is spot on, even justifying that wierd angle of the end wall! Also good placement of the cargo bay (essential really, given the lack of cargo bay doors on the ship!)

I've seen some plans of the E that have that large red rectangle on the secondary hull as cargo doors - have you given any thought as what to do with it on your ship?
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