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Re: Massive New Trek Lit Update in Star Trek Magazine

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Ok, so is In Shariel's Jaws a MMPB? Or is there no MMPB in the month it's released?

Either way, I feel like the schedule is a little light, yes? All MMPBs and no trades, or we're missing an MMPB that month. Not too shocking, given that the whole thing is edited by one person and she's new to it AND has other responsibilities besides, but still.

That said, I'm hugely excited about literally every novel on the schedule. Which is FANTASTIC. I'm sad Mack's next novel isn't out for so long, and I'm sad there isn't more DS9, but otherwise this is a mighty promising list of tales.
I'm not sure about In Shariel's Jaws, but I'll check tonight and get back to you in the morning.
Oh, and also incredibly excited for everything on the schedule. I'm really glad to see that Pocket is going to be doing some different types of stories. I'm especially curious about Cast No Shadow, Undiscovered Country has been one of my Trek movies for ages, and I've wanted to see Valeris again for a long time. Plus it's got Vaughn in it which is never a bad thing. Aaaaand it's written by James Swallow, which is another plus.
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