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Re: Massive New Trek Lit Update in Star Trek Magazine

So let me see if I remember everything that's been announced, post-Typhon Pact. In no particular order:

VOY: Children Of The Storm - Beyer
DTI: Watching The Clock - Bennett
Vanguard: Declassified - Ward, Dilmore, Mack, Palmieri
TOS: A Choice Of Catastrophes - those authors that always bitch that their names are misspelled, so I'm just gonna pass on trying to get that right
TNG-ish: Indistinguishable From Magic - McIntee
Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions - Mack
TOS-ish: Cast No Shadow - Swallow
Vanguard 6 - Wardilmore
Romulan War: In Shariel's Shadow - Martin

Am I missing anything? Unless we're skipping some months or doing some reprints, that seems like it's a few short of January 2012.
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