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Louis Leterrier's feature currently called 'Gravity'

the film is about ” a father who has to search for his lost child as the world stops spinning and Earth begins to lose its gravity.” This is an in-development situation, so we’re not likely to hear anything too firm about it yet, and when we do hear more, in all likelihood the film will have a different title. The project is with Mark Gordon Productions and Universal, with George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau) reportedly producing.
Currently attached to direct is Louis Leterrier.
Exclusive: Clash of the Titans' Louis Leterrier Attached to Dumbest Project Ever

according to GeekTyrant, described as a “disaster film in the vein of The Day After Tomorrow meets Taken”
This feature project does not sound very good and certainly the title will be changed. Why? Because there is another film for 2012 called 'Gravity' that is unrelated with its own thread:
'Gravity' (2012) dir. by Alfonso Cuarón 3D sci-fi space thriller

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