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Re: What happens to the TNG characters now?

From the end of Nemesis point of view

Captain Picard: Still Captain of The Enterprise E, likely assigned in a diplomatic capacity in relation to Romulus

Riker: Captain of the Titan, on his first mission

Data: Ambigious, its possible Data's neutral net does indeed overwrite B4's and thus Data could be back, perhaps as the Enterprise E's first officer (as he was said to be Riker's successor at the beginning of NEM by Picard)

La forge: Still Chief Engineer on Enterprise E, its possible that he might have been promoted to full commander

Worf: Likely standing in as Enterprise E's tactical officer, until he's reassigned

Troi: Married to Riker, Counseller on Titan

Dr Crusher: Either still the CMO of Enterprise E or perhaps she left to take up a post in Starfleet Medical once again

Wesley Crusher: LT JG on the Titan as an engineering officer if we take NEM's deleted scene as canon (which is likely, why leave it out?)

Dr Pulaski: Probably still at Starfleet Medical, or maybe living with Kyle Riker!?! :P

Guinan: Probabl still tending the bar on the Enteprise E

Nurse Ogawa: Probably still on the Enterprise E

Reg Barclay: Probably still working on the Pathfinder Project

I think that covers just about everyone prominantly featured
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