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Re: The Phantom Is Back!

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Frank Miller did something similar with his All-Star Batman and Robin, and that's something we'd be better off not talking about.)
No takers for 'I'm The Goddamn Phantom!' then?

As regards the idea of a female Phantom, that thought did occur to me the other day. What if one generation of the Walker family had no sons, just a daughter? Would she don the costume? A female might look better in that skin-tight purple get-up, for one thing!

It would certainly be a good novelty for a one-shot story, if nothing else, but I wouldn't be surprised if some movie or tv maker decided to have a female lead for a version of the tale. Unlike making a Jane Bond or a female Dr Who, there could be a simple, sound, sensible explanation for a female of the family having to take up the mantle.

At least one sister (Julie Walker, I believe) has filled in as the Phantom on occasion. There was recently a story about her in the first volume of The Phantom Chronicles and I believe she's appeared in the comics as well.

And speaking of comics, I just found out that my issue of THE PHANTOM: GENERATIONS (#12) finally goes on sale next Wednesday, June 23. It's a period piece set back during the French Revolution . . . .

I'm know what I'm going to be showing off at Shore Leave next month!
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