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Re: Thinking about re-watching Voyager from start to finish.

Season 7 was deficient in Janeway, due to stories which focused on Seven AND the EMH.

I really LIKE Seven and the EMH, but its Janeway that's my favorite and that made year 7 frequently a problem for me. Getting double Janeway's in Endgame was a poor substitute for her absence in much of the season.

An example of over focus on one supporting character (for me) is ST TNG's "Nemesis. I loved TNG, but I haven't seen Nemesis since the theater, even though I have it on dvd, because I couldn't take another Data heavy story. I even hated the ending, because it WASN'T the big emotional tear jerker like the end of Wrath of Khan since they already provided an alternate Data to "carry on".

Still, year 7 has some gems for me...the J/Queen scenes in "Unimatrix II", the J/7 and Torres/7 scenes in "Imperfection, the J/Tuvok scene in "Critical care", all of "Shattered" and "Workforce", Janeway against everyone in "The Void".

Gee, it "sounds" like she had a lot to do in 7, but we who've watched it know that a few scenes here and there do not satiate a true Janeway-aholic.
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