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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Why not make it a tad more complex (click image for a larger version)?

1. The majority of the chair is painted in the usual base color for walls, console parts and similar stuff.
2. Using some cheap wood plates some plant-ons are added to make the structure more complex. Paint this in the bright version of the main color (used for doors and similar details)
3. Paint the area above "2" with the darker base color (used for consoles, railings and the like)
4. Add some upholstery pieces from the local junkyard as armrests (ideally same gray as the seat or something close).
5. Add some switches/indicators to the front. Maybe even a piece of metal grating reminiscent of the TOS intercom area.
6. Maybe add a dark area to the front in the same color as you used for the conn/nav module.
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