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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

That's some fine work! (as always). Although you've scaled up the shuttle it looks like you've kept the shuttlebay the same size, am I right?

Good placement of the Battlefield corridor to allow for the wonky wall. I can't see the Doomsday corridor though, with its distinctive "briefing lounge" struts - or is that just somewhere else on the deck? We never see Decker actually enter the shuttebay after all, just climb down to the "Hangar Deck"

I'm please to see that there's space for fuel/energy conduits to be connected to the pylons - space was getting a bit tight up there but I'm glad there is room after all.

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From what I can tell, they see the entity down the hallway (as in the screenshot) and walk a little further towards it.

In the dialogue, Kirk and Spock seem to be looking much further down the hallway which happens to correspond to the corridor junction when we see the entity next.

When Kirk walks away to contact Kang, his motion seems to indicate he is actually going down the left hall (which seems to reinforce that the entity relocated to the juncture after the first screenshot).
Putting is all together to make sense is tricky, as that episode (and a lot of the 3rd season eps) makes extensive use of "mirrored" corridor shots, often with bizzare results. DOTD isn't too bad, it just means that there's an awful lot of triangular ladders in that section of the ship!

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