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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Mytran - that's a possibility although after rewatching it looks to me like the entity just moved around alot off-screen

From what I can tell, they see the entity down the hallway (as in the screenshot) and walk a little further towards it.

In the dialogue, Kirk and Spock seem to be looking much further down the hallway which happens to correspond to the corridor junction when we see the entity next.

When Kirk walks away to contact Kang, his motion seems to indicate he is actually going down the left hall (which seems to reinforce that the entity relocated to the juncture after the first screenshot).

So far it seems like the entity just moves around alot but they didn't have the fx budget to film all of it

On a different note, I re-did the hangar complex in low-poly to match up with 9' decks (I opted for those instead of 10' decks.) It's also a WIP. This way I can see how much room I have for the engineering machinery and M/AM reactor, etc.

I've included the hallways seen in the series and a test render from the flight deck. I ended up making the observation structures larger to fit "The Conscience of the King" deck and the shuttle is scaled at a larger 24' instead of the filmed approx 20' version.

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