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Re: Thinking about re-watching Voyager from start to finish.

I plan to do that soon too!

You guys might appreciate this story.

I mentioned it in the DS9 forum. I have a fantastic store here in town, a UK-based store called CEX which sells used DVDs/games/iPods, etc. I love this place. I go in there all the time.

So yesterday, I saw they had every season of Voyager available, but all at different prices. Now I don't have the full collection yet, but I grabbed season four for $30. I'm now only missing season two and three, so I hid them so no one else would find them.

Anyway, I noticed that all the seasons are different prices. Season four was the most expensive, again, $30, but I saw that season one was $18, season two was $23 and season three was $29. So I asked one of the girls that worked there, I said, "Why are these priced differently?"

She said, and I swear I'm not making this up, "Oh, it's just the quality of it." I said, "You mean the condition of the sets themselves? (because they were in near-mint condition)" She said, "No, the show itself." I just lifted an eyebrow and said, "So, you're charging $30 for this season [four] because you guys think it's the best one?" She sort of smirked and said, "Well, yes."

To which I said, "Then you should be charging me two dollars for season two and three!"

Once I get those - for two dollars each, I hope - then I will watch it from start to finish.
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