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Re: Thinking about re-watching Voyager from start to finish.

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Hmmm. I recently watched all of TNG and DS9 with my gf and the subject of Voyager came up. I said, and I say this of Voyager often: "It has some of the best Star Trek episodes in it, but you have to wade through so many mediocre ones to get to them it's almost not worth it." A lot of her female friends recommend Voyager as their favourite (girls seem to like Voyager for some reason?) so she has expressed interest in it, but she also complained a lot about how little continuity there was in TNG (and enjoyed the continuity of DS9) so from that perspective she would probably not enjoy the complete lack of continuity in Voyager. I basically think if I buy S1 on DVD, she'll watch it, but if I don't, she won't. I wouldn't mind revisiting the characters, who I had a lot of affection for.

What do you think?
I think make a big old bowl of popcorn, cuddle up together on the couch and enjoy!
I'm certainly less inclined to bash Voyager now, it is not nearly as bad a show as many people make it out to be. - TheGodBen

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