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Re: The Children of Kings

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His whole post was complaining about the lack of clarity of the era in which Children Of Kings took place. He was definitely talking about a historian's note for that book.
Yea that whats what I was getting at...just alot of little things were off to me "redshirts" the realtionship between him and No 1. Pretty sure this has all been covered. I just have no idea where this book is supposed to take place. I guess its just its own little Sternaverse.
I historains note in the beginning of CoK would have helped me have a set visualization all the way thru instead of it changing midway thru the muliplte times, or have a couple head scratching moments. As it contradicts Vulcans Glory and TOS, and the Trek o9 film. Thats all i meant.
ITs a neat little adventure tho
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