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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

Let me start by saying that I don't mean to put anyone down with this, but I want it to be as simple and easy as I can make it. Also, I fear that some folks just go to the list to see if their production is in the week's entry, but I do my best to follow a pattern that I think works in the fans' favor without overwhelming the film makers.

Let's look at two entries from a recent Friday listing.
Star Trek Defiant audio series
Episode #47: “Listening”

Starship Farragut Animated
"The Needs of the Many"<<

Since this thread is as forward-looking as I can make it, I start off with the date. That doesn't have to be so much of a struggle. Some of the big dogs (including Romulan Wars, it seems) can give me a specific date when their effort will be available online. But I realize that's a luxury many fan film makers don't have. So just try and narrow it down as much as you can.

If you don't have the day, give us the week, and if that's not certain, the month within the June-July-August period. Let's use Lost Frontier for an example. Let's say that you expect to have one of your 18 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) episodes ready but aren't certain when one of them will be complete. If your best guess is a month, give us that, say July.

So your entry would start like this:

The next line is your group's name. I think the vast majority of fan films are live-action outings, but if you're into animation, audio, or puppets (!), your second line would be this:

Lost Frontier
or if it was animated: Lost Frontier (animated)

Now the third line might be tough if you have several projects in the hopper. My recommendation is that you choose the one that looks like it will be ready the soonest.

Let's say it's "The Moon Glowed Green." (That's just an all-purpose line I use when I don't have a sci-fi title.)

And lastly, the website where people can find your latest masterpiece. Most of the time, this is either the group's website or a YouTube location.

So we get this:

Star Trek: Lost Frontier
"The Moon Glowed Green"

Again, I realize some won't even be able to meet a monthly deadline, but let us know if there'll be a delay, and I can update the listing of the projects.

Let me say again that I'm not trying to put anyone down with this post. I just think it's helpful for all the fan films to have as close to a deadline as they can manage, but my hope is that future films can be listed in time for a little bit of Mo Mentum to take place.

I hope this helps.

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