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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

Er... I just read back a few posts, I hadn't been reading all this. I see there is some discussion of Star Trek Reviewed. So, let me make this perfectly clear. Star Trek Reviewed does not even MENTION future releases, and only covers partial releases on the webpage or article about the given fan film group IF the group falls in certain classifications. For example, it does not cover partial releases of Parodies AT ALL because it only lists the groups in alphabetical order with no details.

Speaking of which, Star Track: Idomo will be releasing a multi-part animation this summer. I may break my own rule once it's released in full and give it a headline. What's the point of creating a website if you can't break your own rules? But note that NOWHERE on STR will you find that fact mentioned. Why? Because I don't do futures.

Last August Phase II announced they'd have BAFII ready for Labor Day 2009. They released a not final version for Thanksgiving 2009. They got out their final version in downloadable form (well, there are still technical difficulties) at the beginning of May, 2010. 9 months later. If a couple had begun a baby over the Labor Day weekend because they were disappointed that Phase II had not released their film as planned, the kid could have been born before the final version was downloadable. This isn't me complaining about Phase II. This is me explaining why I don't discuss future releases. These are fan films. They are the ultimate Art for Art's Sake. Love and respect the producers. But don't put a volunteer gift giver who is a total stranger and owes you NOTHING on a deadline.

While the failure to cover parodies may be remedied at some time, and it is my plan to, some day, in the near or distant future, preferably before the arrival of the Vulcans on April 5, 2063, move major parody groups onto their own webpages and start covering full releases, ...well, I'm not doing that yet. I, too, am a volunteer who owes you nothing.

Once a group has it's own webpage, it gets more detailed coverage, like partial releases. However, that is done WITH A WARNING and NO HEADLINE. So that, if you turn to the page on Star Trek Aurora, the page starts with the warning NO COMPLETE FILM IS READY FOR VIEWING. By the way, they also expect to release their last part this summer. And I'll be thrilled when they release it... this summer, next summer, or when the Vulcans arrive.

You cannot eat next year's crop now. You can't do it, even if the climate specialists are expecting an ideal crop year and the crop is planted in great soil with the world's finest seeds (with apologies to Batman and Superman)... you still can't eat that TODAY.

Star Trek Reviewed is about films that are complete and ready-to-watch. It also puts the releases in order. So, if you go to the Exeter website (as I did almost a year ago) innocent of the fact that there is a part missing, you may watch their last film and think (as I did) your computer is broken. I got a new one, it still didn't work. (OK, I didn't but I seriously thought about it and instead I started this website...). If you go to Star Trek Reviewed you are warned about the state of things. Sadly, I was unable to do that, since when I first went to Exeter, I couldn't read my work yet. And I was very pissed about my work not being available, too, I might add.

I hope that makes as little sense as I think it does.

Then there are groups with more minor sins. One I love releases only full films. I enjoyed them NOT in order the first time I watched them. But I enjoyed them A LOT MORE the second time I watched them IN ORDER. Why? Again, the fan film website tells you about the order of release, but does not give you a heads up that the events don't take place in the order of release. That's why it's BETTER to go to Star Trek Reviewed and watch from there. [Name of group deleted out of cowardice!]

I might add that I am preparing an essay for later this month to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Star Trek Reviewed. It was late June of 2009 that I laid out 250 blank pages and named it Star Trek Reviewed. My original tag line was, "Takes Fan Films Seriously." About six months ago this line was dropped on the suggestion of a filmmaker who said it stated the obvious. But it wasn't obvious when all Star Trek Reviewed was was 250 blank pages.

So, in conclusion, this thread does not do what Star Trek Reviewed does. The information here does not, and cannot come from Star Trek Reviewed. Star Trek Reviewed does not cover ANY future release. It also does not headline releases of audio Trek, parodies, crossover fan films, shorts, and many other things. It makes no serious attempt to even list a lot of fan productions. I have found a website with over 1000 works of Star Trek fan fiction. That website is now listed in my area for Fan Fiction. I could never even HOPE to equal it.

Star Trek Reviewed is an indexing website for EXISTING and COMPLETE work. I have recently created a new website to hold old HEADLINES based on requests I have received from people going into combat who will not be able to check in to Star Trek Reviewed every month. I hope the old Headline website will also serve others for whom life gets in the way of Trek.

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