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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

The most ironic part about all of this is, two years ago, Randy, you were making suggestions to other posters for their lists too. And you know what happened? The person compiling the list handled the suggestion maturely as an adult.

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Captain Randy Hall:

Yes, "Power Source" is being shown at Dragon Con. Neo f/x has said they will be releasing it next week, or maybe sooner. So we'll get to see it before Dragon Con.

As far as Phase II goes, I'm pretty sure their plan is to screen "The Child" at Dragon Con. I don't see anything in the Trek Trak of Dragon Con that mentions BaF-2:

The folks at Phase II have said that BaF Part 2 will be ready around Labour Day, but because they have so many of their crew attending Dragon Con, they may not release the episode on the web til a few days after Labour Day. And even though "The Child" will be screened at the Con, it will still be a while before it is officially released.

I'm not too familiar with Aurora Trek or the reliability of their release dates, but if you'd like me to add it to the list, I will.
Well, since I do a column for called Fan Film Friday, I'm always on the lookout for some new things to review since I have to fill 52 Fridays a year. The two leads are a human woman and a vulcan woman in a cargo ship.

Here's another similar example, this time straight from someone directly associated with the production in question:

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Sounds good. I do have a question since I saw Act 1 at Shore Leave. I understood that the Farragut only has humans in its crew. If so, what's the obvious Andorian doing there (and don't say sitting)?????

The stardate of the animated episodes puts it in 'Year 4' of the Star Trek universe...this is counter to the Year 2/3 that the live action episodes take place.

Thelin is actually a character from the original Trek episodes. In "Yesteryear" some time changes had Thelin as the first officer on the Enterprise. When the timeline is restored, Thelin is not seen again. However, he MUST have existed, and so we theorized that he was probably in Star Fleet and he could be on any ship. So, we have him on the Farragut. He is actually voiced by Chris Doohan, son of James "Scotty" Doohan, who voiced Thelin in the 70's.

And, just like Chekov in Space Seed...just because you haven't seen Thelin on the Farragut doesn't mean he wasn't in a different location of the ship during the first couple episodes. In fact, when live-action episodes start filming again, I wouldn't be surprised to see him again.

So, to answer your question...he is sitting there

One of the great things about the fan film community here is that when you get people on the same page and everyone understands that we all have the same goal in mind, these kinds of things don't get so overly blown out of proportion, as exampled here.

You and I, however, have failed in that same interaction over the last few days. I honestly don't even remember what the big brouhaha is all about anymore. I simply wanted LOST FRONTIER to not be misrepresented.

If you're goal, Randy, is as altruistic as you purport it to be, and all you really want to do is have a concise list of upcoming fan productions, it's a simple fix of just listing Lost Frontier in the 'Release Date Unknown' section.

I am truly, honestly, and sincerely mystified as to why that is so seemingly impossible.
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