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Re: Upcoming Productions for June/July/August

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>> So much for not reading everything we wrote <<
I didnít have to.
That explains much. You don't answer questions or valid points or understand even the simplest of things simply because you didn't bother to read them in the first place. The fact of the matter is that you keep repeating the mantra of "Their website said it was explicit!" when the evidence of your own post points to a site that says GENERAL CONTENT. You don't bother reading rebuttals or criticisms, and you don't bother visiting the websites you've linked. That's really irresponsible.

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I have to admit that you guys arenít helping yourselves by pouring gasoline on a flamefest, but the juryís still out on whether or not itís worth the grief of dealing with two items out of a list of better than the dozen or so others that usually if not always can give at least a guesstimate of when a release is coming.
Note to Double-Oh: He's saying he's going to blacklist us for daring to criticize him.

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I still donít know how a fan film goes from rating itself EXPLICIT to GENERAL while leaving the EXPLICIT ones online. And I must have misplaced my crystal ball to tell me when a project that hasnít released anything in the past 9 months or so will suddenly appear.
Then you must have had it two weeks ago when you posted the announcement and linked to the GENERAL site in your posting here which proclaimed the production as "WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT." Or do you not understand that "GENERAL CONTENT" is not "EXPLICIT CONTENT"? Or did you simply not read the posts which explained that? Or did you simply not even visit the site in question WHICH YOU LINKED TO.

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This is not what I had in mind when I started these threads (obviously), but we'll see how long it lasts from here.
What purpose did you have in mind other than repeating Barbreader's website info here?

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While I hate dragging Barbreader into this, if what you want is to be included in a list with no time constraints, check out her Star Trek Reviewed site at
I'm pretty sure that's where you get your information for this thread and several others anyways. I'd recommend everyone check out her site: Star Trek Reviewed instead of wasting their time in this thread.

Me? I'd planned on ignoring this thread, but Mister Hall keeps bringing up complaints about my arguments in his exchange with Double-Oh. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some bridge partitions to mount next to their stations...
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